Friday, 3 October 2014

Thank God it's Friday

Could not write anything yesterday. I was too tired to think. Anyway, I have come up with the 3 research topics for 890 course and I have submitted them. That took a lot of my time because what I did initially was not good enough.

I volunteered today at the Open House. It was fun and there was free food! I interacted with high school teenagers, which was cool. But then I felt so old. I can't even remember when I was a high schooler.

I should leave early today as I need to catch some sleep, and because the temperature will soon start to drop again. It was really cold this morning, as low as -4. I have a few book recommendations by my friend so  I will check them out. I think I already know which to get.

The bus drivers are still on strike, making it difficult to get around town for non car owners.

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