Friday, 17 October 2014

8 days later...

So it's been 8 days since I wrote anything here. How sad. Anyway, a lot has happened. I got a feed back from my instructor about the literature review i handed in. It was all praises, except for some comma (,) issues. I have a presentation tomorrow. The slides are finally ready.

I think the most important of all that happened was that I was able to finally agree on a topic for my PhD and for my Research methods class. So I will be working on data Mining in Social networks. I think it's the next big thing in social media and in Trust and Reputation Systems.

Thank God it's Friday! I have a proposal to hand in later today then am ready to have a good evening. My lab mates are going out to see a movie so I will be going with them. Will definitely tell you all how it went.

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