Monday, 29 September 2014


Today I did more of reading than anything else. Oh. did I mention I have a penpal. yes, that's right, I have a friend I have never met and will most likely never meet. We usually exchange mails. He is an IT guru and has published several books in his field. I enjoy writing to him, it helps me a lot when I read a mail from him.

Anyway, today I read a lot about the role of technology in e-health. The reason am doing this is simple. I want my research to be something relevant to society, something that can be applied, a solution that will some void out there. I know the health sector will always be there, and I know there have been several talks about how technology is meant to help the health sector, and i know health always sells... so, I was thinking of how to improve ehealth using technology. Been reading so much, but it seems every way I can think of improving the health sector has already been studied. Any doctors out there? In what ways do you think IT can help make your work easier?

What else did I do today? Oh, yes! I volunteered to help out during the Open House which is this Friday. The open house is simply a day when high school students and their parents come around to the University to have first hand/one on one sessions with the lecturers and school administrators with the hope that these high school kids will in the future attend this Uni. So my duty will primarily be to direct participants in the morning at the start of the event and answer any questions they might have. Today, we had a training session for volunteers, and there was free pizza.

I finished work on an app I was building for a colleague. She didn't make it to school today, so I guess tomorrow she will give me a feedback.

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