Thursday, 30 June 2016

User Studies....

A huge part of my research from here on involves me conducting several user studies, many of them. There are several frustrations with user studies. Recruiting participants is one that people always complain about. How and where do you find suitable people to take part in your study. If the study isn't targeted to a particular group of people, it's a lot easier. But imagine if you're looking for participants that use say Chrome OS, that might be a lot difficult. How do you make sure the said participants of the survey TRULY use Chrome OS? Where do you find enough people to recruit for such a study?

There are several other heartaches associated with user studies but for me it's the ethics approval required BEFORE the study can start that is my challenge. I totally understand and appreciate that the study has to meet very high ethical standards before one can go ahead. It just seems to take forever to get approved. And to think that I'll have to go through this every time for my (very many) proposed studies is daunting.

Truth be told, there is nothing I can do about the approval process especially if I don't submit my application on time and especially if it's incomplete.  

Note to self; I can help myself by making sure my application is complete and questions are answered in detail in order not to leave any room for questions.

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