Friday, 20 February 2015

Another Friday

Thank God it's Friday. A day to chill and reflect on the goodness of the Lord. The weekend starts today which means I can watch TV shows and movies. Thank God for His mercies.

When will this snow end? It snowed most of yesterday, it's been snowing all day today and we're expecting the same for the next two days or so. You'll think I should be used to it now but no, I'm not.

In other news, I got feedback on the result of my experiment. I have plans to extend it to include two new research questions: which of the predictors will be the best/recommended in making predictions and which of the classification algorithms is best to use in an e-commerce set up?. It's more work but it'll mean I'll end up exploring the data even more. Weekend or not, I have to make progress on this this weekend.

To make this blog as educative as possible (I'm a PhD student so I have to always be in the academic realm right?), I will try my best to write about topics that interest me and are useful to my project. I will start today and write on data mining.

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